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Sunken concrete slabs, cracked surfaces, and tripping hazards in the driveway and on our patios are the most common reasons why our older homes look less than appealing. To create a safer environment, avoid accidents and improve the exterior of our homes, we invest in repair work and try to upgrade the curb appeal. After using the polyurethane foam jacking method to make the concrete safe to walk and drive on again, it is time to consider the aesthetics of the damaged surfaces. If you want to get a fresh, new look of your driveway, sidewalk or patio, here are the steps you need to take.

Address the cracks

No matter what type of cracks you have on your surfaces, they are an eyesore and should be fixed if you want your driveway to look new and improved. After cleaning any loose bits and crumbs from the cracks, use a crack filler you can get at the hardware store to fill the empty spaces in the concrete. Smooth them out and leave them to dry and they should blend with the existing concrete. For deeper cracks, you will need additional products to help you close the gaps. After you’ve finished, apply water to the sealed cracks. If necessary, finish with a patching agent you will apply with a trowel.

how to repair concrete steps and porch

Redo the crumbled edges

If your sidewalk ends with steps that also are deteriorated due to the lousy quality of previously laid concrete, clean them and fix your steps before continuing the process of resurfacing the rest of your sidewalk.

Resurface the worn concrete

To even out the look of your driveway, sidewalk or patio use a concrete resurfacer that will create a uniform finish. Be careful to buy enough of it to cover the entire area you wish to spruce up. Thoroughly clean the area from dirt, paint, and sealer residue, and after consulting the weather forecast follow the instructions of the manufacturer, mix the solution and trowel it onto your surface. After smoothing it out, leave it to dry thoroughly.

If you are based in the state of Colorado, and you want to learn more about the most effective solutions and techniques of concrete repair, contact us at Eco Level, schedule a free consultation, and we will answer all your questions!

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