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Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway?

A neglected driveway will negatively impact the look and feel of your home. Also, stains on concrete look awful and reduce the value of your property. These impurities weaken the surface of your driveway. With the pressure washer cleaning method, you can erase dirt, discoloration, grease stains, and mildew from your driveway in just a few simple steps. It is a fast and efficient method to clean outdoor surfaces. Plus, you save water as a pressure washer uses less water than a garden hose. Here is a guide on how to powerwash your driveway, step-by-step:

Prepare the Area

Before starting, remove sticks, stones, leaves, grass clips, and any other materials that don’t belong there.

Apply Degreaser

Degreasers will loosen stains in the concrete, allowing you to do the task easier. Apply and scrub the product into the concrete with a push broom or stiff-bristled brush. Some machines come with an attachment tool for applying the degreaser.

Clean the Concrete

need fixes on concrete drivewayBefore cleaning your driveway, you have to prepare your power washer for the action. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if needed. Start applying the detergent from the house, working your way down to the other end. Pointing the spray wand at the surface of the driveway, reduce the level of strength in the trigger and move the nozzle swiftly, smoothly and consistently, back and forth across the area, overlapping each stroke by 3 inches. Once the entire surface is covered with detergent, let it sit for twenty minutes. Rewet as necessary to avoid it from drying out.

Rinse the Concrete

After twenty minutes, use the high-pressure nozzle and set the machine to its rinse mode. Wash away the detergent, using the spray to get rid of any lingering contaminants or stains you find. Tighter sweeps will remove stubborn stains.

Seal the Concrete

Once the concrete has dried completely, cover the driveway with sealer. Pour the product into a paint pan and with the help of a roller with an extension pole, coat the surface of your driveway. Allow the surface to set for 24 hours before parking any vehicle.

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