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Why Should You Level or Lift Your Concrete Instead of Replace It?

If you have a cracked, sunken, or uneven concrete slab there are two ways to solve the problem. You can either tear down the whole thing and replace it with a new slab or correct the problem with concrete lifting. Also known as leveling or Slabjacking, this lifting process returns the slab to an even and stable position. Here are the reasons why it is best to lift your slab than replacing it.

More Affordable

Replacing the old slab involves demolition and removal of the old materials, then have a new one poured. This expensive and time-consuming process involves more than one person. Thus, your bill will be significantly higher. On the other hand, concrete lifting, lowers your overall costs, sometimes by up to 50% less than replacing the same concrete slabs.

lifting concrete slabFast, Easy, and Convenient

Slabjacking is quicker in both completion and curing time. Plus, removing a slab and replacing it with a new one creates a lot of noise, dirt, and dust. Slabjacking is a much cleaner process that leaves no waste behind.

Repairs are Nearly Invisible

The lifting process involves drilling several small holes into the damaged slab. Then the lifting material is pumped through the holes, followed by sealing it and caulking. This leaves very little visual evidence of the repair.

In sum, if your concrete is crumbling then opt for lifting it instead of tearing the whole thing down. Trust the concrete leveling experts from Eco Level to address your problem.

Professional Concrete Leveling and Lifting

When you work with Eco Level, you:

  • Get the job professionally done in hours instead of days.
  • Avoid slab color mismatches found with complete slab replacement.
  • Strengthen your existing concrete by filling voids before the concrete slab can break.
  • Protect your lawn as there are no large trucks and equipment involved.

Get your free estimate today!

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