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When talking about the polyurethane leveling method used to address the problem of sinking concrete, besides understanding the basics, it is essential to know where it can be applied. Soil erosion and water damage do not affect driveways, sidewalks, and patios of homes in various residential areas solely. That is why we outlined three primary areas this method can be utilized with success.

Residential areas

There are numerous potential reasons why concrete surfaces in residential areas settle, sink, and crack – from the high water tables, frequent flooding of the area, and weak soil density to possible irregularities in the way the concrete was set. These issues can impact everything from building foundations to larger parking areas, patios, porches, driveways, walkways, swimming pools, and connected terraces, as well as areas for sport and smaller structures such as gazebos or sheds.

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Commercial areas

Uneven floors, cracked and sinking sidewalks, crumbling stairs, and similar damage are not only unsightly but also create liability concerns that can cause financial loss for the commercial owners. Numerous civil action cases against shops, commercial landowners, and businesses prove that it is much cheaper to repair the damage caused by soil erosion than paying the costs of litigation in liability cases.

Municipal areas

Since government budgets are often limited, cost-effective options are a popular choice with administrators. That means using the polyurethane leveling method, instead of replacing the entire damaged concrete surface, is a viable option even in municipal areas. The use of this method can be extensive and include everything from repairing different transportation pathways to public buildings, monuments, facilities, parks, and parking areas.

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