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One of the easiest and quickest ways to fix uneven, sunken or cracked concrete is to use a polyurethane foam to level your surface. The procedure utilizes a high-density polymer to raise the damaged surface back to its original level. It includes drilling small holes in the concrete in order to insert a specialized pump and inject the foam underneath the slabs. By filling the empty spaces in the soil causing the concrete to sink, the foam serves as a stabilizer for the slabs on top. The final touch includes patching up the holes in the concrete for an even look. Polyurethane foam is used in construction because of its insulation value, with the foam sealing all gaps in areas where applied. Here are the positive sides to using this innovative construction material.

fixing uneven concrete stairs

Cost and value

Using polyurethane foam to fill the gaps in the soil and thus keep the existing concrete structures saves up to 50 % of the cost of replacement works and material. By repairing the damage, you will eliminate safety hazards on your property and increase its value.


Since this method requires the installer to make smaller holes that can be easily filled when the process is done, the repairs are unnoticeable once finished. Because you used a filler instead of replacing the entire slab, there will be no difference in the appearance of your sidewalk due to different stages of wear visible on the installed slabs.

Environmentally friendly

The foam used in this process is made out of recycled materials and will not cause further degradation of the surrounding soil and landscape. The material used is non-disruptive and is approved for roadway repair, which means it can handle increased weights and pressure.

Time-efficientconcrete floor leveling contractors near me

After filling the gaps, the foam will set in around 15 minutes, which means the repaired concrete will be safe to walk and drive on in less than half an hour. Replacing the entire slab would be time-consuming, expensive and not a guarantee that this will not happen again.

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