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Why Should you Caulk Driveway Joints and Cracks?

Cracks, stains, and other imperfections develop in driveways when intense cold and hot weather generate expansion and contraction of the concrete. In the hottest days of the year, when you water your front yard, wash your vehicle, or when it rains, water intrudes into the cracks and gradually wears away the soil under the concrete. Erosion will cause the soil to settle, which in turn will create stress on the concrete, causing it to crack.

Concrete Expansion Joints

Whenever you decide to care for your driveway, one of the first maintenance jobs is to caulk the concrete expansion joints. The purpose of this vital element is to allow the pads to expand and get bigger and smaller as the humidity and temperature changes.

Caulk Your Driveway JointsKeeping the driveway joints shielded against water will prevent moisture from seeping under concrete pads and causing them to sink or heave. That is why caulking is so essential to keep your driveway intact.

When you are ready to caulk your driveway, keep a few things in mind.

  • Use a leaf blower to get rid of the dirt and dust.
  • Blow the dirt and dust out of the cracks with a leaf blower after loosening all soil, rock and old caulking.
  • Never wash out the crack after scraping it out. Let it dry before applying water again. For drying times, check the label on the caulking sealant.
  • Consider hiring an experienced contractor to help you caulk your driveway flawlessly.

Does Your Driveway Need to be Caulked?

Eco Level in Colorado can help. We can analyze your concrete leveling needs and provide the best solutions for your residential or business needs. We have experienced and skilled technicians to fix any concrete leveling issue. Our concrete services include polyurethane foam jacking. Call us at (303) 775-3860 to speak with an expert.

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