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Unlevel Swimming Pools

If your swimming pool is bit unlevel (by 1/4 to ½ inch), most of the time it will not generate significant problems. However, if it is unlevel for more than one inch, it is a problem you must address as soon as possible.

Some complications can arise if an experienced contractor does not compact a pool.

  • concrete pool cracksReasons Why Pools Become Unleveled
  • damage to the pool copping due to pool shifts
  • inefficient operation of skimmers
  • electrical wires and conduits going to the pool separating
  • PVC underground pipes cracking or separating

Reasons Why Pools Become Unlevel

There are three main reasons why pools become unlevel: design & engineering imperfections, water table issues, and soil issues.

Design and engineering errors in installing the pool, and placing the concrete correctly, generate cracks in the shell.

Soil issues include uncompacted soil and settlement, poor quality soils, expansive soils, and slope creep.

Water table issues involve lack of hydrostatic relief valve, floods and extended periods of heavy rains, and high water table.

Concrete Pool Floor Repair in ColoradoIf you notice your pool floor is uneven, contact the experts in the field. The releveling process includes:

  • pumping out the water from the pool
  • applying a high-quality polymer injection method
  • letting the special foam cure
  • once fixed, the pool is refilled
  • cleaning up area

Concrete Pool Floor Repair in Colorado

At Eco Level, we have been lifting and leveling many concrete pool floor and decks using our polyurethane foam jacking lifting and stabilization process. Traditional concrete repair methods for pool floors such as demolition and replacement, grout filling, mudjacking, and sand-jacking are invasive. By using our high-quality polymer injection, you will not only get your pool fixed correctly but also have peace of mind because our foams are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials. Call us on (303) 775-3860 to speak with one of our experts.

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