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Advantages of Lifting Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

In a previous blog, we talked about some of the benefits of polyurethane foam jacking. It has fast-acting curing time, fantastic precision, little disturbance, increased strength, and it fills all voids. Let’s take a look at more important benefits of this concrete lifting method.

Good Barrier Against Moisture

This material is specially designed to resist wet conditions. It has hydrophobic qualities that discourage and repels water without jeopardizing the integrity of the concrete surface. Also, because of this feature, the material reduces erosion and water penetration by creating a sealed underside the concrete pavement cracks and joints.

Adds Very Little Weight

Polyurethane foam only weights just 2 lb compared to the 100 of the mudjacking material. And, less weight on your concrete surfaces translates in less maintenance and longer lifespans.

Advantages of Lifting Concrete with Polyurethane FoamLittle Structural Negative Impact

Small holes of 3/8” in diameter are required for injecting polyurethane foam.  While with other concrete lifting methods, the holes can be one inch or larger.

Multiple Uses

Polyurethane concrete raising can be used for several applications in leveling and the repair of commercial, industrial, residential, or municipal needs.

Plus, polyurethane is a versatile material that has a lot of practical uses for highways, roads, streets, bridges, and tunnels. It can give interior floors stabilization, seal leaking cracks and holes, fill voids to eliminate water penetration, and act as insulation to the surfaces where it is applied.

Strengthens the Base 

The compounding characteristics of polyurethane foam will enhance the base material. That is possible because it will reach the sub-base of the concrete and bind soil particles together. This compaction capability adds durability to your concrete surfaces.

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