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Best Concrete Repair Method

Polyurethane concrete raising is one of the most innovative and effective methods for lifting concrete surfaces. Here are some of the most significant advantages of using polyurethane foam jacking.

Amazing Precision

The accuracy of polyurethane foam jacking is within 1/100th of an inch. That is possible because it creates hydraulic lift, which will provide more control throughout the process, thus, achieving excellent results.

Fast-Acting Curing Time

This technique is around eighty percent quicker than other concrete repair methods. The material will cure in minutes which translates less repair time. Experts can thus finish the job in less time than when using other concrete fixing solutions. Because of this characteristic, there is little disturbance to your residential or businesses’ regular activities.

Great Properties

The Best Concrete Repair MethodThis product is capable of filling all voids. That is possible because it expands twenty times its liquid volume, which allows it to move laterally beneath the pavement. So, polyurethane foam can bound the form and shape all voids, supporting and treating the pavement with a hundred percent coverage. Furthermore, the nature of this fantastic material makes it resistant to water penetration.

Strong Material

Polyurethane is a stable and dense product that can permanently support roadway structures. This material is capable of being drawn out or stretched, which makes it pliable and tough when exposed to heavy loads.

Should you need help to fix your concrete foundation, you can contact the experts from Eco Level. We use polyurethane foam to level, raise, and stabilize your concrete. Whether it is for a business or residential property, we can help.

We have the expertise and knowledge to address all your concrete surface issues. Plus, if the environment is your concern, we use Eco-friendly products.

Call us at (303) 775-3860 to fix a sunken patio, uneven pool floor, or concrete foundation in Colorado.

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