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Sinking Concrete is a Potential Safety Hazard

A sinking concrete slab is usually a red flag of a more serious structural problem. Whether it’s located in your driveway, garage, basement, or patio, if you see a crack or set of cracks, you should address it as soon as possible. When a concrete slab cracks and sinks, it creates an uneven surface that represents a safety hazard, not to mention that it looks terrible.

Common Causes of a Sinking Slab

There are two main reasons why a slab sinks.

Characteristics of the Soil

An example of this is the cycles of wet and dry that occurs on the soil below the slab. It is very common for grounds composed of clay to shrink, which will lead to a sinking slab.


Soil erosion also causes a sinking slab. Heavy water flows will separate soil beneath a slab, creating a hole which causes the slab to sink.

Repair a Sinking Slab

fixing a sinking slabIn general, you have two options for fixing a sinking slab: removing the damaged area completely and pouring fresh concrete or raise the cracked slab back to its proper level.

Repairing the slab by putting fresh concrete is expensive, and it takes time for the concrete to cure. Not to mention that putting more weight on the soil may increase the chances of sinking later. We highly suggest opting for the most recent concrete lifting method called polyurethane foam jacking. It is more affordable, and it takes less time to cure. It involves drilling small holes in the affected area of the slab, then injecting a special foam beneath the slab. The foam expands sealing the cracks and pushing the slab back towards its original position.

Eco Level Can Repair Your Sinking Slab Quickly & Effectively

An Eco Level technician can help you solve slab sinking and settling. Apart from having years of experience and the right equipment, our experts can gauge the expansion of the polyurethane foam, controlling the process of injection at the right degree for raising the concrete slab.

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