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Signs Your Garage Floor Needs to be Fixed

A concrete garage floor is one of the parts of your house that is continually taking the beating from temperature variations, and abuse from oil drips and substances brought in on your tires. As a result, it might end up cracking, spalling, pitting, or showing low spots. If your garage floor is showing one of those symptoms, then you need to fix your garage floor.


garage floor damageCracks in your garage floor are a normal imperfection of a concrete floor that will appear as it ages. Another reason for cracking is if the mix of concrete dried too quickly, or was too weak, or too wet. Also, if the garage was poured onto frozen ground, or if the control joints were not well designed, it will lead to a cracking floor eventually.


Weird looking areas where the top layer of concrete is peeling off is called spalling. It is freeze-thaw water damage.


A pockmarked area is called pitting which is typically a result of improper installation.

Low Spots

These are sagging dips in the concrete. Commonly incorrect finishing during installation will lead to low spots in your concrete floor.

Other symptoms include strange chalky stains and puddles that show up in the same spot.

Repair Concrete Garage Floor

These types of garage floor damage must be addressed as soon as possible. Restoring a pitted concrete garage floor with an easy-to-apply resurfacing product is not always the best solution for fixing it. Ask a concrete professional company like Eco Level to examine the problem, and to suggest the best way of repairing your concrete garage floor.

Besides creating tripping hazards, these problems make your garage look bad. Plus, a damaged floor also lowers property value.

Need to Repair Your Concrete Garage Floor?

Should you have any cracks, or signs of spalling, pitting or low spots, contact Eco Level immediately. Whether it is your residential floor or a big commercial garage floor, we have the necessary knowledge to diagnose your concrete problem and recommend the best corrective solutions for you.

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