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You’ve noticed that your driveway and sidewalk have been slowly but surely changing and sinking, a process causing the concrete to tilt and crack. Unsure what to do about it, you postponed calling the experts for hohow to repair concrete steps and porchme repairs and pushed this task down your “to do” list for months. It is finally time to take some action before matters get worse, someone gets hurt or you face more financially challenging repairs!

Fix it before the rain

The settling of slabs due to the unstable soil underneath the surface is the main reason why concrete sinks. This instability is caused by water washing out the soil, a process often happening during fall due to the natural increase in precipitation. If you address the issue before nature takes its course, you will avoid further damage.


Fix it before your vehicle sinks

Since the soil underneath your concrete washes away slowly, there can be large gaps beneath the surface, meaning that your driveway is actually without support. Applying increased pressure on the compromised areas by parking a heavier vehicle on your driveway can cause the surface to drop and your car or van to sink into the newly created hole. Besides the obvious damage to the pavement or driveway, this can significantly damage your wheels and the underbelly of your vehicle. Not to mention the additional expenses of hiring a tow truck to help you pull out your car.

walkway concrete repair

Fix it before you decide to sell your home

When potential buyers arrive to inspect your house, the first thing they will do is pass by your driveway and notice the damage. Imagine yourself in their shoes and make sure they get the best first impression possible. You can also avoid potential lawsuits in case someone gets hurt due to tripping over a crack or falling over a tilted concrete slab.

If you are based in the state of Colorado, and you want to learn more about the most effective solutions and techniques of concrete repair, contact us at Eco Level, schedule a free consultation and we will answer all your questions!

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