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Concrete driveways are a common sight in American homes, but unfortunately so are their sunken and cracked surfaces. Instead of replacing the surfaces with a new layer of concrete, lifting the damaged areas has proven to be a popular solution for years. Mud jacking or slab jacking is a technique that includes drilling small holes through the slabs and filling the gaps in the soil with a mixture of cement, sand, and dirt. With the emergence of new technologies, like the polyurethane method of concrete raising, mud jacking has been losing some of its popularity, but it is still important to understand both the positive and negative aspects of this method.

Lift & level sinking concrete

It’s cheaper than replacing the concrete

When comparing the price of extensive works necessary to replace the cracked concrete slabs and the price of repair in the form of mud jacking, the latter takes the prize for being the more economical option. When deciding on a course of action, always ask for an estimate regarding all your options and make an informed decision.

It’s less messy than a complete replacement

The process of mud jacking is less noisy, far quicker, and less messy then removing the entire broken slab out of your driveway or walkway, which usually includes using a jackhammer and some serious elbow grease.


It doesn’t solve the problem of cracks

This method is useful for lifting sunken slabs but is not a solution to the damage caused by cracking. To fix your concrete surface you will need to separately address the issue of cracks before following up with the mud jacking method in order for the procedure to go smoothly.

repair cracked concrete

It doesn’t prolong the life of your surfaces

Even though mud jacking solves the problem of uneven concrete, it will not make your concrete areas last longer nor eliminate the need for their replacement if, in fact, they are older and more thoroughly damaged. That is why an initial inspection by a certified professional is highly recommended before investing

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