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Types of Home Foundation Systems 

There are many types of structural foundation systems that exist today. The region’s construction methodsclimate, and the purpose determine the type you will be using. Here are some of the most common types of concrete foundations.

Slab-on-Grade Foundation

Contrary to the T-Shaped slab foundation, this method is used in places where the ground does not freeze. bed of crushed gravel is put in place to enhance drainage. Then4 to 8 inches of single layer concrete is poured with thicker edges. You add insulation to keep it from being negatively impacted by the frost heaves.

T-Shaped Foundation

Types of Home Foundation SystemsT-shaped foundation is used in a place where the ground freezes. A flat section is built underneath the frost line and then the walls are constructed at the top of it. With a wider footing, the foundation can resist frost by keeping the critical parts buried below the ground freezing point (below 32°F). Concrete should be allowed to cure correctly at each stage, ensuring structural integrity.

Frost Protected Foundation

This type of concrete foundation is built with a monolithic (thick-edged) slab wrapped with horizontal and vertical rigid-foam insulation. As a result, there is little heat loss from the edge of the slab.  That keeps heat from the construction in the ground under the footings. In turn, the heat maintains the ground temperature around the footings above 32°F. This durable, sturdy, and cost-effective concrete foundation solution requires less excavation, so smaller equipment, and less labor are involved. Plus, less concrete is consumed in the process.

Should you need help removing your old foundation and pouring a new one, contact Eco Level in Colorado. When deciding which type of foundation to choose for your next project, you need a qualified concrete foundation or paving contractor.

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