Polyurethane Foam Jacking

Are you dealing with sunken or settled slabs?

When it comes to repairing sunken concrete, no approach is faster and more effective than polyurethane foam jacking. This is the preferred method for repairing tilting patios or other concrete surfaces that are in need of some TLC. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, read on for an explanation of how the method works and what the advantages are.

What is it?

Polyurethane foam jacking is possible thanks to the use of two components of polyurethane liquid. Once mixed together, these components are then injected under pressure below the structure that is in need of repair. When these two components meet, they expand to lift concrete slabs and then harden.

What Are the Advantages?

Polyurethane foam jacking has a myriad of advantages over alternative concrete raising and repair methods such as slab jacking, grinding, and replacement.

It’s the cleanest concrete lifting and stabilization process, thanks to injection equipment that is mechanically connected to the surface in question. This seal ensures that no loose material makes its way into the repair area, ensuring a mess-free project. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners since there will be no grout or mud tracked around your property.

The process is also faster and less disruptive than other methods. Polyurethane foam jacking uses a small hole size in order to inject the foam, resulting in less drilling noise. It also allows you to return to business as usual, since foot traffic will not affect the application process and vehicular traffic (including heavy industrial equipment) can be resumed immediately after work is completed.

Why Eco Level?

Eco Level has been a major player in the concrete industry since 1982. Whether you’re a commercial or residential property, Eco Level offers quick and affordable polyurethane foam jacking and concrete leveling services to repair or replace your concrete structure.